The Secret to Caring

The Secret to Caring

The thing that wakes Dr. David H. Dube up every morning for work is the opportunity to help people with their journey through the health care system.  Since arriving at St. Camillus in 1985, Dr. Dube has provided the St. Camillus Health Care Center patients some of the best care one could ask for.  Now serving as the medical director, most, if not all of the health care given in the center has to come through him or points back to him for some reason.

“When I first got to St. Camillus, they had a huge desk and office for me,” said Dr. Dube. “I decided to turn it down and I now share an office with the secretary.  That’s just me, I don’t need that much space.”

Passionate about health care, Dr. Dube takes pride in working for his patients.  Often seen working on a patient or interacting in the hallways of St. Camillus, it’s no secret he has a special understanding of people and how they need to be treated.

“I think one of the main things in delivering care is that you must help the patient understand that you care and that you’re really connected to them,” said Dr. Dube.  I understand that an engaged medical director is vital to the health of any long-term health care facility, health institution or the like.”

St. Camillus is currently home to about 221 people.  At some point, Dr. Dube has either seen or provided care for each one of those patients in one form or another.  Eventually all of the health care points back at the medical director.  Residents of St. Camillus deal with various health symptoms, therefore need an experienced geriatric specialist such as Dr. Dube on a regular basis.

“Dr. Dube is a great doctor and I love his care, said Gloria Michalski. “He always takes his time with me and makes sure I’m feeling Okay.”

With more than 25 years of experience in the health care field, Dr. Dube is one of a kind.  He’s currently writing a book about his experiences and expertise in health care.

“I do not know how my patients feel about my care,” said Dr. Dube, but I do know that it’s very apparent to me that they patients appreciate my care for them.”

The health care system has always been complex, but manageable according to Dr. Dube.  Understanding what needs to be done is part of the beginning of solving most health care issues whether big or small.

“I feel fortunate to be a small part on a team of educated individuals that work together in a great way,” said Dr. Dube. “We all work hard day every day to ensure maximum care.”

As the United States continues to develop and solve health care issues Dr. Dube has a simple remedy that he lives by every day.

“I believe the secret to caring for the patient, is caring for the patient.”